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Quotes This place is great. i pulled up called the number on the door,made a appt. got certified, now im legal. so easy a caveman could do it. a sick cave man. lmao Quotes
The best i've seen

Quotes like many of us, every clinic i've been to has poof vanished the next year. this one was real good. will they be here next year?? i hope so. Quotes
another good mm clinic?

Quotes great place...was a lil far from taylor but well worth it. i went about 2 weeks ago, i had never done this before called in and the guy helped me through it. i was crying so much becuase im not sure what to do about my cancer anymore until i tried a friends meds, he was very helpful.any way the process was professional and now i am a happy medical marijuana patient. thank you Al Quotes

Quotes i have been to 3 cert clinics(my 2nd renewal) im truly amazed at how professional they are at natures answer. its really a good look for the industry. thnx Quotes
found a home

Quotes the best certification center period. ultra professional Quotes
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