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Quotes i was there this week and going back to get some of patients legal. service is unmatched. been alot of places, this one is for real. Quotes

Quotes i was there yesterday. atmosphere was chilled. it was alot of people but we got out of there in about 20-30min. met some awesome people that are also in the industry. cool stuff. Quotes

Quotes i went there and got certified!! the funny thing is so many clinics around told me massive amounts of bullshit i had to to do before obtaining my im legal i am on a better path to deal with my chrons and im good. thanx Na Quotes

Quotes dude.. i havent been here yet but i've heard great things and looking forward to getting my card there on hash bash!! see you then Quotes
41 st HASH BASH!! April 7, 2012

Quotes i was here last week. very nice place. vivid setup. a typical doctors office ..just cannafied!! lol. 5* Quotes

Quotes too many people in one place. it went by quick tho i just didnt like it. Quotes

Quotes dude i walked in thinking this was a dispensary it looks so good, i was up for a renewal i got a renewal right there. it wz really cool. peace n love. Quotes

Quotes i like this place.. i came with 5 friends and we gotta group discount on and out quick sending people every week now. Quotes
live free smoke life

Quotes i just wanna say the doctor was great. he actually listened to me and my situation and gave a goal for treatment. other doctors would take one look at me and deny. why?? cuase i look young i wanna be stoner? NO. i need this. i have 3 of the qualifications under state law. oh i love the site im now a member. Quotes
dont judge a book by its cute lil cover

Quotes this place is the best!! price is AWESOME!! SERVICE-AWESOME!! STAFF ROCKS!! doctor asked a lot of questions. but he had all the reason to obviously xoxo =) Quotes
the best